3DPost is a 3rd party, powerful CNC code generator designed for SURFCAM with unlimited potential and possibilities when it comes to the output of the NC code. 3Dpost’s intuitive and graphical interface will output Gcode for SURFCAM programs that match the users programming methods. Some of the features of 3Dpost are the ability to set and reuse machine settings and controller specific parameters by the user, use of machine cycles, parameter programming, support of subroutines, supports milling, turning and mill/turning with up to 6 axes with separate settings for turning, multi-table support, automatic tool sorting, as well as advanced tooling sheets with tool and workpiece lists in the program header. Full machine simulation can also be directly defined and launched from 3DPost by the user.

For more information on obtaining 3DPost, please contact SURFCAM VAR 3D Concepts.


Disclaimer: In addition to post processors that are included with SURFCAM, there are some post processors that are provided by third-party resellers. All SURFCAM third-party post processors are designed to enhance and improve your productivity in SURFCAM. The following third-party SURFCAM post processors are not developed or controlled by SURFCAM, Inc. and thus, SURFCAM, Inc. is not responsiblefor any losses, damages, or changes that these add-ins may have on your system(s). Any sales or support requests for any third-party SURFCAM post processors are to be directed to the individual post vendor.

About Hexagon

Hexagon is a leading developer of software products servicing the woodworking, stone, and metal fabrication industries. As the world's largest provider of CAM software, Hexagon's brand portfolio includes a range of products across these industries.

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