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Dislaimer: All SURFCAM third-party add-ins are designed to enhance and improve your productivity in SURFCAM. The following third-party SURFCAM add-ins are not developed or controlled by SURFCAM, Inc. and thus, SURFCAM, Inc. is not responsible for any losses, damages, or changes that these add-ins may have on your system(s). Any sales or support requests for any third-party SURFCAM add-ins are to be directed to the individual add-in vendor.



Seamlessly integrate VERICUT with SURFCAM software for increased efficiency. The interface launches VERICUT from SURFCAM®. Tool definitions, stock, fixture and design geometry from surfcam are automatically transferred to VERICUT. The SURFCAM interface to VERICUT is supplied by CGTech.

Contact CGTech to request more information about the surfcam-to-VERICUT interface.


Probe DriverProbeDriver - CAM for your Renishaw Probe

Got a Renishaw probe on your Lathe, 3, 4 or 5-axis machining center? Ready to move past creating probing cycles manually? Have you exceeded Fanuc Easy Set and Haas WIPS capabilities now? Have a need for setup and/or in-process gauging? Would you like more unattended control over your machining processes? ProbeDriver is your answer!

  • The industries first application for model-based programming of probing cycles...8 years and here to stay!
  • Supports industry-standard Renishaw Inspection Plus!
  • Create setup, in-process or complete inspection programs directly from SURFCAM!
  • Control Thermal Drift!
  • Control cutter compensation automatically with programmable limits!
  • Posts available for virtually any control including Fanuc, Haas, Okuma, Mazak, Siemens, Fagor, Roeders, Mori and Makino
  • Health Check machining centers between certifications and archive to SQL
  • Support for data collection/analysis with GSPS CNC Reporter software!

ProbeDriver is available for Lathe, 3, 4 and 5-axis VMC and HMC applications. PD 3-axis is the rock-solid foundation for all ProbeDriver applications and supports both prismatic and complex normal-vector measuring cycles. PD 4-axis steps it up with CView/Machine Datum support for HMC's. ProbeDriver 5-axis is the industry's first full 5-axis probing software for Machine Tool Probes and is a true breakthrough in machining technology with 6 years of continual development backing. For more information, please contact our reseller High Tec Industrial Inc. or visit their website


COPious Plug InCOPious - Rapid Surface Creation from Point Cloud Data

COPious is a powerful, yet inexpensive add-in for SURFCAM designed to simplify manipulation of complex CAD model data for manufacturing. It automatically converts large amounts of point cloud data into well-organized surface models even when there are overlapping data points or the data is randomly organized.

  • Smoothing Algorithms
  • Automatic Probe Radius Compensation
  • Automatic Blending Over Cutouts
  • Automatic Healing of Surface Models
  • ASCII Point Cloud Files
  • Any SURFCAM Input Methods

COPious is copy-protected to the SURFCAM SIM and runs within SURFCAM under the UserApp menu. Automatic help files and a suite of sample point cloud data sets with resultant DSN files are also included. For more information, please contact our dealer CAMcad Technologies or visit their website


Predator MDC and TrackerPredator MDC and Tracker in SURFCAM

Predator MDC and Tracker, two programs available from Predator software, are designed to increase productivity on your shop floor. With MDC, you can collect data on the jobs (and parts) that are currently being cut in your shop. MDC uses cycle, idle, setup, teardown, and machine downtimes to allow you accurately track your shop floor. Using this data you can then streamline operations and make better decisions.

For SURFCAM users, MDC is also available as an add-in for SURFCAM. When using it in this way, your programmers can all track their own jobs, machine status and shop floor dashboards from within SURFCAM. This add-in works for SURFCAM V5 and previous versions.

Predator Tracker offers the ability to track your shop’s tools, gages, and fixtures. By organizing this information in one place, machinists on the shop floor can always find the proper tools, gages and fixtures thereby reducing preparation time in cutting. Tracker is also offered as an add-in for SURFCAM. When used from within SURFCAM, machinists have a real-time view of tool and gage cribs as they prepare the parts to be cut.

For more information on obtaining Predator MDC, Tracker, or other Predator applications, please click here or contact an authorized Predator reseller.


Super FilterSuper Filter

Super Filter is an extremely powerful arc filter that works inside SURFCAM. This industry-proven add-in for SURFCAM performs more robust testing for arc validity and line filtering which results in greater accuracy. Super Filter is also capable of automatically adjusting feedrates based on both arc and corner moves.

  • Use SuperFilter to test the true limits of your machine and then implement these changes in your Gcode
  • Let SuperFiler scan your arc speeds to make sure that your cutting arcs are not too fast as to reduce accuracy in the finished product
  • Syncronize your feedrate to the spindle so that as SuperFilter alters the feed, the spindle is adjusted to have the same effective cutting condition, thereby reducing strain on the tool

By using SuperFilter, you will be able to reduce the overall program size. This is beneficial for older machines with smaller memories. For more information, click here and see more of the benefits to using Super Filter.



ToolCrib is an add-in that allows you to customize the SURFCAM tool database and actively allow you to match your machine's tools. You can adjust the tools that exist in your machine's automatic tool changer and then use ToolCrib to customize your tool library and save changes for later projects. Then when you work with different parts, ToolCrib will work with SURFCAM to only display the tools you actually have in your machine.

  • ToolCrib will automatically apply user-defined variables such as offset numbers to your program
  • Use ToolCrib's drag-and-drop cababilities to easily set up a cassette for a new job
  • Dynamically change multiple project by editing the tool once

ToolCrib can simplify your use of SURFCAM and improve productivity of your shop by allowing you to streamline the CAM process as well as create reports for your machinist on the tools used in your jobs. For more information, click here and see more of the benefits to using ToolCrib.



This SURFCAM utility simplifies the way that you work in SURFCAM with parts imported from other systems such as UG, Catia, ProE, SolidWorks and others. While using the utility it is possible to use a simple transform rotate command that diminishes the need for CView, making it easier for new users of SURFCAM to effectively use the product. This utility also allows users to flatten any 3D geometry to a specified plane (see image to the right).

With SurfUtility, working with an imported 3D wireframe geometry is simplifed by allowing the user to create specialized views that can be based off special geometries or axes. For more information, click here and see more of the benefits to using SurfUtility.


Template ExtractorTemplateExtractor

TemplateExtractor is a utility that allows you to easily transfer templates between users. Using TemplateExtractor, it is possible to append or extract templates for the SURFCAM Knowledgebase. By appending or extracting different templates, it becomes easy to send your toolpath settings to another user or edit the settings that were sent to you.

The ability to easily send and append templates from from the extremely simple and intuitive user interface. Simply check the templates you wish to send and then export them to a folder with a TemplateExtract file that can easily be sent to another user. Once the folder is received, all the user has to do is select the TemplateExtract file and the addin will allow them to choose from the templates you sent them to merge with their own. For more information, click here and see more of the benefits to using TempalteExtractor.



DevPost is an external post processor that can help speed up production. By using the Spost library, DevPost allows users to create posts without having to open SURFCAM while offering a more user-friendly user interface.

DevPost allows users to open any of their APT files, select the desired post processor, and then see the final G-code for the specified post on the right. This easy-to-use user interface allows users to then hand-edit then G-code as desired. For more information, click here and see more of the benefits to using DevPost.


Boss/BoreBoss/Bore Mill Utility

Using an interface similar to the standard SURFCAM mill interface, the Boss/Bore Mill Utility is designed to do as it name suggests: bosses and bores. The utility retains the ability to choose from the SURFCAM tool library as well as materials from the material database. This utility has the ability to perform helix cuts up and down the walls as well as special paths for boss milling.

The utility has some special toolpaths created for a more efficient bosses/bores. In addition to these features, the utility has the ability to add cutter compensation to the internal or external pocket or contour of your cut. With the Boss/Bore Mill Utility you gain spring passes, arc or helix lead in/out, first pass feedrates and spindle speed and feed adjustments for your finish milling. For more information, click here and see more of the benefits to using the Boss/Bore Mill Utility.


AutoRoughAutoRough Tool

The Autorough Tool is a utility that helps to create a roughing toolpath from a previously defined 3-, 4-, or 5-axis toolpath into a roughing toolpath. For example, turn your 4-axis trim toolpath into a roughing toolpath. For more information, click here and see more of the benefits or other examples of using the Autorough Tool.


HSM DrillHSM Drill

With the HSM Drill SURFCAM addin, you can speed up your drilling process. By allowing your drilling process to be analyzed by the filter, HSM Drill can reduce the travel time between different holes by rounding the traveling passes. In addition, HSM Drill will also allow for deep hole drilling with special options that allow for total control of the drilling process. Finally, the drill filter has the abiity to alter the spindle speed or shut it off entirely in order to prevent hole damage.

For more information, click here and see more of the benefits of using the HSM Drill addin.



With the exciting TMexplode addin, the full potential of TrueMill brought to life. It has been shown in many cases that TrueMill can make many older and smaller CNC machines more productive by controlling the tool engagement, but the problem with some older machines is that the memory cannot hold the larger files and the older machines cannot handle the numerous arcs that makeup a TrueMill toolpath. TMexplode reduces these problems by "exploding" the arcs in a TrueMill toolpath then putting them back together again to create a more efficient and much smaller program for older NC controls.

To learn more about these reductions in TrueMill toolpaths, click here.

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