SURFCAM, Inc. releases the first beta of 2014 R2

Following recent product strategy sessions with key Resellers from around the globe, SURFCAM is pleased to announce the first beta release of Version 2014 R2.

Building upon the successful launch of 2014 R1 back in October 2013, R2 introduces requested new features and improvements to existing functionality.

“Since becoming part of the Vero Group, we’ve been able to invest and focus on SURFCAM product development like never before, allowing us to release 2014 R1 on time and having complete confidence we’ll achieve the same for R2 in April”, commented SURFCAM General Manager, Peter Marton.

SURFCAM 2014 R2 will be released in 15 languages including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, and includes entry/exit overlap on 2D toolpaths, cutter compensation improvements and up to 10x faster graphics speed on geometry selection.

Additional features include multiple Backplotting display options for Z-level toolpaths with enhanced tool sorting, support for custom resolution on STL export for STL machining control, new curve tolerance control, a multiple-user configurator for networked installations, an updated version of EditNC (V10.2) and S-Post Configurator (V6.6), additional M-Post Templates, and more.

“SURFCAM 2014 R1 was very well received by both our Resellers and Customers, and we look forward to building upon their confidence in our future by delivering 2014 R2 in April. The content is a direct result of feedback from both stakeholder groups”, commented SURFCAM Product Manager, John Buehler.

The Beta software will be available to beta testers from Vero Software’s eSupport Community the 1st week of March.


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