The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show is Canada’s main national manufacturing event where thousands of manufacturing professionals go to assess potential suppliers. More than 500 manufacturing companies are represented during the four day event, giving attending professionals an extensive reach and allowing them to find solutions to improve and/or enhance their operations. CMTS will be held at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, from September 30 to October 3, 2013. During the show, Vero Software will showcase the latest releases of WorkNC, WorkXPlore, and SURFCAM. WorkNC will be presenting the latest in automatic CAM functions in Version 22. This latest release includes new cutter path strategies specifically for the die stamping industry, for milling die flat areas with the end or side of the tool, milling traditionally, or with a plunge strategy. These cutter paths reduce die stamping programming time.

Toolpath morphing has been introduced to provide flow line machining along continuous geometry and inside corners, increasing the surface finish and reducing the need for retracts and unnecessary tool lifts. New spiral options have been added to several finish toolpath strategies to provide constant contact on the part and reduce any witness lines from tool lead in/out movements.

Visitors to booth #2525 will also see how new machine contexts allow for setting up the part, fixturing and clamping geometry right on to a digital model of the mill. This gives accurate machine collision checking as well as checking machine limits during post processing.

Along with WorkNC V22, WorkXPlore 3D Version 3 is also being featured at CMTS. This latest version of the award-winning 3D CAD viewer includes a more robust geometry engine, and is available in a 64-bit version.

In addition, CIMCORP Inc. a WorkNC/SURFCAM reseller will be on hand to help provide attendees with answers to all of their CAD/CAM questions.


SURFCAM will highlight its upcoming 2014 version – the first major release as part of the Vero brand of CAM solutions. It includes Adaptive Roughing Technology, as well as multiple enhancements designed to deliver additional ease of use and control in masking, chaining, operations manager, and layering. SURFCAM Inc. will also introduce a new, cost effective 3D modelling solution, Part Modeler, specifically designed for the quick and simple construction and modification of solid models with fully associative drafting capabilities.


WorkNC increases the ability to assist CNC manufacturing centers or job shops to run “lights out” with enhancements to their dynamic stock model. Utilizing this technology allows the software algorithms to know the condition of the stock during cutter-path calculations. This allows the cutter-path to have consistent cutter engagement which extends tool life while reducing air time. Overall, it provides high levels of confidence in the reliability of the roughing and finishing cutter-paths, allowing the milling machines to run unattended.

WorkNC, WorkXPlore, SURFCAM – Booth #2525

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