Turkish CADCAM Reseller seizes SURFCAM opportunity

SURFCAM Inc., a division of Vero Software, has named Erdal Firat Engineering Technology Ltd, as their new authorized Reseller, providing SURFCAM CAD/CAM sales and support to industrial and educational customers in Turkey.

“We are pleased to welcome Erdal Firat Engineering Technology Ltd (http://www.erdalfiratmuhendislik.com) into our growing worldwide SURFCAM Reseller network. The expertise of Erdal Firat and his team will bring SURFCAM increased brand awareness and sales growth in the vibrant Turkish market, plus enhanced support to our existing customers there,” says Matt Soucy, VAR Channel Manager, SURFCAM.

“As an experienced user since 2006 , I have found SURFCAM to be the best all round CAM system for any job requirement”, says Erdal Firat “I am excited and energized to represent SURFCAM in this growing market and look forward to being part of SURFCAM’s sales growth. To represent SURFCAM is a great opportunity for my company, but also an opportunity for all manufacturers in Turkey to enjoy the benefits the product can deliver.”

With Erdal’s years of SURFCAM experience and deep relationships in the manufacturing sector, Erdal Firat Engineering Technology Ltd will be able to deliver increased productivity and efficiencies to machinists in Turkey.

About SURFCAM, Inc. :

SURFCAM is a powerful and affordable 3D Vero Software CAM solution that achieves the balance between feature sets and ease of use for 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining. SURFCAM products have been installed on more than 26,000 systems worldwide during the past 25 years. In that time, SURFCAM has grown to support 15 languages and has gained an outstanding reputation for training and providing the highest level of technical support to its customer base.

About Vero Software :

Vero’s world-renowned brands include Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, Edgecam, Machining STRATEGIST, PEPS, Radan, SMIRT, SURFCAM, WorkNC and VISI. The company sells and supports these products through its direct offices in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea and China and through a comprehensive global reseller network.

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