SURFCAM Introduces 2014 R1 To German Market

SURFCAM has unveiled its first major software release to the German market, since becoming part of the Vero Group earlier this year.
Visitors to SURFCAM’s booth at the EMO exhibition in Germany saw SURFCAM 2014 R1, which includes Adaptive Roughing technology as well as multiple enhancements designed to deliver additional ease of use and control in masking, chaining, operations manager and layering functionality. 
Also, users now have complete control over their licensing, with the new internet-based customer portal. Updated and additional CAD translators, post processors and editNC are also included in the release at no additional cost. 
The booth was jointly hosted by SURFCAM and their German reseller, 3D Concepts. Erwin Eggert, from 3D Concepts, says:  “EMO was a great introduction to SURFCAM in the German market, and there was extremely positive feedback from customers on 2014 R1, which is being released later this month.” 


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