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"I have been using SURFCAM for seven years, primarily 3-Axis and 5-Axis. I know four or five packages including Unigraphics and CATIA and was originally a Mastercam user. I started learning SURFCAM and found it was easy and user friendly and really capable. You can do a lot with SURFCAM. Other vendors may have more tools, but if you have programming knowledge you can do just as much in SURFCAM. I like the ease of being able to program something quickly and not having to overcome so many controls that don't apply to what I'm trying to do.

Our company, Creative Teknologies, specializes in projects that are very challenging. People see the things we are able to build and come to us. We do a lot of one of-a-kind prototyping.

For instance, we built the Lexus used in the "Minority Report" film. This car was milled on polyurethane foam to make a fiberglass body using a 5axis motionmasters gantry. All components like the 23-inch wheels were milled on high density composites material to make two sets of aluminum wheels and finish details on a Fadal 8030. Foam molds were milled on the 5-axis gantry to make ceramic mold for the glass.

We've used SURFCAM for aerospace tooling projects that were very involved and intricate because of the angles that had to be cut.

We've worked with sculptors to create works of art in SURFCAM. We created a cloud based on real data. We milled several molds using a 5 axis gantry, made fiberglass pieces and assembled the final cloud. The final art piece was cover with hundreds of Titanium sheets (paper thin) and displayed in fine art museums.

Most of our projects have been really challenging, and there has not been one that I have not been able to do perfectly with SURFCAM."

— Salvador Aguillon

About the company

Company: Creative Teknologies
Industry: Automotive
Contact: Salvador Aguillon
Material: Polyurethane foam milled on 5-Axis gantry to create molds.
Part: Lexus used in the "Minority Report" film.


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