SURFCAM Video Tutorial File Downloads

Click on a title to download the part files used in that video tutorial so you can work along with them. If the title is not linked then there is no associated part file with that tutorial.


Standard CAD Videos

Main Screen

Main Screen: Main Menu Overview
Main Screen: Navigation and Help
Main Screen: How to Open a File


Layers: Using Layers
Masking: Using Masking


Standard CAM Videos


Lathe: Introduction
Lathe: Face
Lathe: Face Off
Lathe: Turn
Lathe: Groove
Lathe: Thread
Lathe: Drill
Lathe: Part-off
Lathe: ID Thread
Lathe: ID Boring

Wire EDM

Wire EDM: 2-Axis XY


Verify: Creating a Stock Model
Verify: Verification Screen
Verify: Remove Fragments
Verify: Cross Section
Verify: Status Window
Verify: SampleCut new in surfcam 6



Utilities: Post Menu Wizard
Utilities: Creating a Custom Tool
Utilities: Using DXF/DWG Translators
Utilities: SURFCAM Backup Utility
Utilities: SURFCAM 6 Backup Utility new in surfcam 6
Utilities: Post Menu Utility new in surfcam 6
Utilities: System Diagnostics Utility new in surfcam 6
Utilities: Database Utility - Basic Interface new in surfcam 6
Utilities: Database Utility - Advanced Interface new in surfcam 6
Utilities: Post Transfer Utility new in surfcam 6


2-Axis Base Edition System Videos

2-Axis: Basic Drilling Operations: Part 1
2-Axis: Basic Drilling Operations: Part 2
2-Axis: Advanced Drilling Operations: Sorting Control
2-Axis: Advanced Drilling Operations: Templates & Masking
2-Axis: Contour Machining
2-Axis: Advanced Contour Machining: Open Contour
2-Axis: Advanced Contour Machining: Closed Contour
2-Axis: Machining Pockets with Islands
2-Axis: Milling Open Features: 2-axis Pocket
2-Axis: Milling Open Features: 2-axis Contour
2-Axis: Pocket Machining
2-Axis: Advanced Pocket Machining
2-Axis: Contour 3D
2-Axis: Contour Ramping new in surfcam 6


2-Axis Advanced Edition System Videos

2-Axis: Rest Machining
2-Axis: Chamfer and Corner Radius Milling


CView: Creation Overview
CView: Creating a Custom Construction View (CView)
CView: Using a CView for Machining & Parent/Child Views


3-Axis Base Edition System Videos

3-Axis: Classic Z-Rough: Pocket Options
3-Axis: Classic Z-Rough: Cut Control
3-Axis: Classic Z Finish
3-Axis: Cut: Basic Functionality
3-Axis: Cut: Gouge Protection
3-Axis: Planar
3-Axis: Flat Surface
3-Axis: Check Surfaces
3-Axis: Project


3-Axis Advanced Edition System Videos

3-Axis: Steep/Shallow
3-Axis: Pencil Cut
3-Axis: HSM Z-Rough: Overview
3-Axis: Step Reduction Machining (SRM)
3-Axis: 3D Offset
3-Axis: Rest Machining
3-Axis: Spiral new in surfcam 6
3-Axis: Radial new in surfcam 6
3-Axis: Z-Rough: Multi-Tool Rest Roughing new in surfcam 6


4-Axis Advanced Edition System Videos

4-Axis: Indexing
4-Axis: Simultaneous Milling


5-Axis Advanced Edition System Videos

Introduction to 5-Axis Swarf
Introduction to 5-Axis Swarf, Part 2
5-Axis Swarf: Morph Between Two Curves
5-Axis Cut: Spiral Options


SURFCAM Options Videos

3-Axis Multi-Cut (Included in 4- and 5-Axis systems)

3-Axis Multi-Cut: Overview
3-Axis Multi-Cut: Toolpath Creation Sequence
3-Axis Multi-Cut: Morph Between Two Curves
3-Axis Multi-Cut: Parallel to a Curve
3-Axis Multi-Cut: Spiral and Undercut

Machine Simulation

Machine Simulation: Overview
Machine Simulation: Building a Machine
Machine Simulation: Simulation Options
Machine Simulation: Analysis, Part 1
Machine Simulation: Analysis, Part 2


TRUEMill: Using the TRUEMill Calculator>


SolidWorks Associativity Videos

SolidWorks: Import Settings
SolidWorks: Associativity
SolidWorks: Assemblies and Configurations

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